Welcome to Southern New England Goose Patrol.  We are a contract based goose control service, operating throughout Rhode Island and much of Massachusetts.  Our methods involve using trained Border collies to haze geese from your property and keep it clear of this destructive and dirty pest.  With regular visits from our dog and handler team you'll quickly notice a reduction of your goose problem.  We offer an affordable service, using dogs is generally cheaper then using chemicals and is more effective than any other control method. Other options, including chemical sprays, noise makers, decoys and other deterrents quickly become ineffective. Geese never get used to our dogs, which will become clear when you see our results!  

   We currently have several different service options, please visit our "Services" page for more information.  Visit our other pages for more information on Border collies, geese, and the reasons why collies are so effective in detering them.