Hazing: Service prices are quoted depending on a number of factors. These include the number of geese present, the number of nesting pairs on our near your property , land area , the number and size of water features, and your desired level of control. Prices will only be given after an on-site inspection by one of our staff.

The number of visits we make varies greatly depending on the scale of your problem and the time of year. Generally we visit from 75-120 times a year.  We offer year contracts or if you like packages of visits may be ordered and scheduled as you and the handler see fit. Our contracts are billed monthly, based on the number of visits we will be making. Each visit will typically last from 15 minutes up to one hour; our handlers don't leave until the geese leave.

Egg Addling: As well as offering goose hazing using border collies we also other other services to help keep geese off of your property.  Included with every contract for our dog services, we also offer free egg addling.  Egg addling is a process used to stop eggs from hatching, in order control the population of resident geese.  A permit needs to be attained from the Fish & Wildlife service to conduct addling, which we will procure for you.  Additional information on egg addling can be found at the humane society website, a link can be found in our "links" section.

Fencing: We also install goose fencing.  Usually this is installed during the season when goslings are hatching and their parents are molting.  Fencing can help keep geese out of bodies of water, which usually encourages the geese to move on until they can fly again.

Other Services: If you're interested we can also supply you with coyote decoys or have custom signs made to meet your properties needs. 

FREE on-site assessments are given to assess your needs.  Price quotes will only be given after an on-site evaluation.   Call now for a free demonstration.