Why Use Border Collies?

   Border Collies have been bred for the specific purpose of herding sheep and other livestock.  However, their natural instincts can be used to help control your Resident Canada geese population.

   As the human population has increased, wildlife habitat has been diminished and destroyed, the incidence of human-wildlife conflicts has risen.  Dogs can provide effective, environmentally friendly, and humane solutions to your bird or animal problem.   

Listed below are various benefits of using a Border collie in your Canada goose, nuisance bird and wildlife control program:

·        Canada geese, nuisance birds, and wildlife never become accustomed to the presence of Border collies.

·        Border collies love to work all day and can deal with almost any climate.

·        Unlike retrievers Border collies will never have the desire to bring a bird back to its handler in order to feel they have succeeded.  They will scare, but never harm the geese on your property.

·        Border collies work silently on your property.  They scare wildlife by using a stare and taking a low stance, both of which are perceived by the birds as predatory behavior.  Border collies work well as goose deterrents because they are a predator that you can control, by directing, where, when, and what they hunt.

·        Although we work mainly with Canada geese, Border collies are versatile and can control various wildlife populations, such as deer, waterfowl, egrets and herons, cormorants, and sand hill cranes to name a few.  If you have problems with other species contact us to find out if Border collies may be effective in controlling them.

  For more information you can download our brochure, in two parts:

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  You can also download a copy of our pamphlet: Pamphlet (1.34 Mb)